Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Console.NET Installation & User Guide
Page 42
By default "Auto Search" is disabled but the lookup function is still possible from the
User window by clicking on the URL button displayed above the active call window. If
auto search is selected, every call that is answered or picked up from hold or park by
Console.NET user will open the web link to try and perform a reverse lookup.
Ringback Messages
When a Console.NET user has a call ring back to them from the functions listed below,
the call ringing back will display the related message on the top line of the ringing call.
Xfer Ringback- Transferred calls that are unanswered ring back with the applied
Camp Ringback- Camped calls that timeout will ring back with the applied
Park Ringback- Parked calls that timeout will ring back with the applied
Wait Ringback- When Console.NET call waiting times out and rings back the
applied message is displayed.
Full Name Order
Last Name + First Name
o By default Console.NET loads all phone system extension names into the
first name field of Console.NET. If there is no last name present,
Console.NET will display and sort by the first name field. If you wish to
enter a last name and you want the Console.NET user see the extensions
sorted by first name, simply add the last name after the first name in the
same field. Any extension that contains characters in the Last name field
will automatically be displayed and sorted in that order.
First Name + Last Name
o This will change the database to, display and sort the names by order of
First name
NOTE: In order to toggle the sorting of First name and Last Name, the
database must be deleted after the changes are saved. By deleting the
database, all extensions including the configuration will be deleted.