Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Page 9
Chapter 2: Nortel Prerequisites
Norstar CTA Installation
(Norstar Only)
Nortel Networks Norstar phone systems require two Nortel products in order for
Console.NET to operate. Norstar’s Computer Telephony Engine (CTE) is the
software component which allows a computer to communicate with a Norstar KSU
and the Norstar Computer Telephony Adapter (CTA) is the hardware component that
provides the hardware interface between a PC and the Norstar KSU. Norstar CTE is
installed by ConverTec’s PBX Manager after the installation of Console.NET. Norstar
CTA device is available from your Nortel Networks Dealer and must be connected to
the PC that Console.NET is being installed on.
There are 2 different models of CTA devices available from Nortel Networks and
compatible with Console.NET. The CTA 100 is the most affordable, compatible and
easy to install. There are no performance advantages between Norstar CTA devices.
The CTA 200 is also compatible but only using the serial output.
At the time of writing, Nortel did not have a CTA device with USB
connection compatible with operating systems required by Console.NET
As a precaution, un-install any previous versions of Nortel CTA 100 and
Norstar CTE Toolkit from "Add/Remove Programs"
After un-install is complete, reboot the PC
Insert the Console.NET installation CD. If the CD fails to auto-launch, click
on Launch from the main directory.
Click on the choice for Norstar Prerequisites
Follow the installation of CTA/CTE as described later in this section
After installation of Norstar Prerequisites and reboot is complete you can
continue to Install Console.NET
Installing the CTA device involves two steps:
1. Connect the supplied serial cable (supplied with CTA 100 from Nortel) to the
serial port on the CTA device and a free serial port on the Console.NET server
NOTE: Since newer computers may not be equipped with serial ports, you
may have to purchase a USB to Serial adapter for connecting a CTA 100
and 200
2. Connect one end of a telephone cable to a live Norstar jack and the other end to
the jack labeled "Line" on the CTA. If the jack you plugged the CTA into originally
had a Norstar phone plugged into it, the Norstar phone can now be plugged into
the jack labeled "Phone" on the CTA. Plug the CTA adapter in to a continuous
120v power outlet