Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Chapter 6: Reports
Page 27
Note: The following items highlighted in RED are pre-configured by the PBX
Manager wizard during the installation. Remote Norstar installations require
manual entry.
Add, Delete, Save
Add new allows manual adding of other system(s) for Console.NET to connect
to. Add new should only be used by experienced users. ConverTec suggest that
the PBX wizard is used for adding new systems.
Delete will delete the current system selection along with all currently configured
extensions within that system
Save must be selected in order to make any changes permanent with the
exception of Delete.
Switch Type
This is only displayed when adding a new server. The choices available are Norstar or
BCM. BCM or a single local Norstar switch Type is automatically configured using the
PBX Manager wizard. When adding remote Norstar systems, Norstar must be
selected after clicking "Add New"
Current Switch Name
Lists systems already installed and allows entry of a new switch name when the "Add
new" button is selected. Clicking on the drop down arrow on the right side of the field
allows selection of other installed systems in order to edit the respective system
TCP Address
This is mandatory value and should not be changed without involving ConverTec
support. This is the IP address for PBX service that Console.NET uses to
communicate to the appropriate phone system. For BCM installations, all
communication can take place through the Default address. Remote Norstar
installations require the IP address of the computer running at the remote site.
Port number
This is mandatory value and should not be changed without involving ConverTec
support. Each system connected requires an independent PBX server for
communication. Each PBX server installed on the same system requires a different
Port number. The PBX wizard will assign all port numbers for all PBX Services
running on the same computer. Since remote Norstar installations require manual
entry, enter port 9000.
Use outside Line Prefix
Check this box and add digit(s) that may be required prior to dialing a phone number
from Console.NET. This is typically used for Central Office lines called Centrex where
a digit 9 or 8 may need to be sent in order to get dial tone.