Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Chapter 6: Reports
Page 25
Console.NET login screen
If the above screen is not displayed, click here for licensing instructions
Enter the Administrator extension 0 and the default password 12345 and click on
Console.NET Main GUI
When the main GUI opens, the System Name and following connections states may
be displayed. For Configuration purpose, the connection state in not important.
o Connected, Initializing - Indicates the software is verifying what extensions
active. The software cannot be used in this state
o Connected, Ready – Indicates that the identified System is ready for use.
o Not Connected, Initializing – Indicates the software is not communicating with
PBX service for the indicated system. (See Appendix B, Troubleshooting)
NOTE: During installation, the PBX Setup Wizard will ask questions to prepare
Console.NET for general use. There is no need to enter Server Configuration at
this time unless you wish to set advanced feature options or edit improper