Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Chapter 6: Reports
Page 39
Caller ID, DNIS and DID are features offered by your Telco
To complete the database integration, see Chapter 6 –
Customers / Contacts
There are two separate locations for adding Contacts, they are;
The Contacts link on the "Customers/ Companies" configuration page creates
contacts that are related to the specific Company record that is selected. These
contacts are displayed within the specified Company record in "Navigator".
The "Customers/ Contacts" configuration page is a separate contacts list that
stores individual contacts separately. When searching for a name in Navigator,
it is possible for a matching name to display a contact under a company as well
as individually. An unlimited number of Contacts can be added providing the
Attendant powerful speed dialing capabilities utilizing the Console.NET
Navigator. (see Call Navigator under "Using Console.NET")
NOTE: When adding phone numbers to the Companies and Contacts, enter any
required area codes and long distance abbreviations in order for the number to
be dialed correctly using the Navigator Speed Dial
Company Contacts
Adding a Company Related Contact
Click on Config
Click on Customers/Companies
Add or select the Company you wish to relate the Contact to
Click on the Contacts link from the Company window