Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Console.NET Installation & User Guide
Page 60
o Click on the dialer icon
Console.NET dialer keypad
o Use your keyboard to enter a number or click on the digits you want to
o Click on the Dial link to dial the number. The number will be displayed in
the Personal Call window.
NOTE: The system prefix is not applied to numbers dialed from the Personal
Call Window or the Dialer. You must place any prefix digits in front of the
number to be dialed
Extension Directed Features
There are six features that are activated by right clicking on an extension button and
selecting the desired feature. These features are directed to the extension you right
click on. The extension and name appear in the header for confirmation.
Screen Xfer
Screen Transfer allows the Attendant to talk to the intended party prior to
transferring the call. To Screen or announce a call prior to transferring, when on
a call, right click on an extension button and select Screen Xfer. The first call
will automatically be put on hold and the extension will be called. After the
extension has been answered, announce the call. Click on the Rls button to
complete the transfer
To cancel the transfer and re-connect the caller, click on the Cancel link in the
Personal Call Window and the holding call will be re-connected.
Note: If "RLS" is selected in error from the telephone or GUI, the Held call will
disappear from the Console.NET screen