Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Console.NET Installation & User Guide
Page 16
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Norstar DN Discovery
In order for Console.NET to function properly, all active extensions (DN’s) must be
monitored. For systems with Voice Mail, all B1 and B2 voice mail DN’s must also be
monitored. Norstar systems are unable to send a list of active extensions to
Console.NET so they must be added manually.
To assist with installation of Norstar, enter the known lowest and highest extension
numbers for automatic discovery of active extensions. Discovery is only required
during initial installation or if many extensions have changed numbers or been added.
Discovery takes about 1 minute for every 20 extensions searched. If there is a wide
difference between extension ranges, you can enter many ranges or individual
extensions to reduce the time involved in discovery. When discovery is complete, PBX
Manager will automatically determine what extensions are active in the range or
individual entries and enter them in the database.
Directory number range entry
Enter the range lowest number in the "From" column and the highest number in
the "To" column
Continue adding ranges or individual extensions if required
Click on "Apply to Service" button to complete