Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Console.NET Installation & User Guide
Page 12
Chapter 3: Microsoft Prerequisites
Microsoft Prerequisites
Initial Installation for windows components should be performed logged in as "Computer
Administrator". Console.NET cannot be installed without first installing Microsoft Internet
Information Services or Internet Services Manager otherwise know as IIS;
NOTE: Microsoft IIS is included on the Windows 2000 Prof. or Windows XP Prof.
CD-ROM that came with the PC.
Windows Internet Information Services (Windows XP)
To confirm if IIS is installed, go to;
Control Panel | Administrative Tools
Confirm the Internet Services Manager (Windows 2000) or the Internet
Information Services (Windows XP) icon is present.
If it is not present, continue Installing IIS (see below)
If it is present, close the window and continue with the Console.NET installation
Installing Microsoft IIS
Go to Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs
Select Add/Remove Windows Components
Select Internet Information Services (IIS)
Check the box and follow the installation prompts. Your original Microsoft
Windows CD-ROM will be required.
NOTE: For Windows 2003 server installations, be sure to select the option in IIS to
install ASPNET client
Framework 2.0
Console.NET version 3.0 installs Microsoft Framework 2.0 and must
configure the IIS website to utilize this version. If the computer has other web
applications using Microsoft framework 1.1, they may stop functioning. To resolve
such issues, IIS allows you to select the affected website properties and change the
ASP.Net usage from 2.0 back to 1.1. Please contact you computer administrator if you
are unsure about any other website conflict.