Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Console.NET Installation & User Guide
Page 24
Chapter 5: Configuration
Server / Configuration
NOTE: Configuration changes applied here do not affect your telephone system
programming in any way. Most Configuration setting required to start using
Console.NET are configured during the installation by PBX Installation Wizard.
Advanced settings can be performed from within Console.NET Configuration.
Login may be performed from any computer on the network using Internet
Explorer 6.0 or higher. Login cannot be performed until a license has been
activated. Please refer to Product Licensing Guide or Installation support web
page at;
NOTE: Before attempting to Login, verify the following:
o Be sure any Internet Popup Blockers are disabled.
o Open Internet Explorer, select Tools\ Internet Options\ Advanced and
remove the checkbox "Reuse Windows for Launching shortcuts" under the
browsing category.
o Internet Explorer must be version 6.0 or higher
How to Login
Click on the Console.NET login shortcut located on the desktop of the computer that
Console.NET was installed on. Login can also be performed from any computer that
can connect to the PC that Console.NET was installed on.
o From the Console.NET web server PC, double click on the Console.NET desktop
shortcut to open up the login page.
o Or, from another PC on the LAN, open Internet Explorer and enter the following
in the address bar;
o http://<computer name>/consolenet ; where computer name is the name
of the Console.NET web server, or
o http://<ipaddress>/consolenet ; where ipaddress is the IP address of the
Console.NET web server