Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Chapter 6: Reports
Page 41
Contact Name
This field is used to display and or select an existing Contact for editing or deletion.
First, Last Name
These are mandatory fields containing the Contacts first and last name. These fields
are displayed in Navigator when viewing external Contacts.
Phone Number Fields
Except for the Fax Field, the numbers entered here are displayed for quick dialing
while viewing external Contacts within "Navigator"
Global Options
Global Options contain configuration settings that affect all users of Console.NET
Search URL
This field is for use with a web address that is capable of receiving a phone number for
a reverse lookup. ConverTec does not guarantee or suggest that this feature will
always function since the web address may not always be available or valid. At the
time of this software release, the following default address was capable of performing a
reverse lookup without subscribing to any service:
. Console.NET software will send
the phone number as received from your Calling Line ID service to the designated web
Auto Search