Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Chapter 8: Appendices
Page 61
Voice Mail Xfer
To transfer a call directly to a person’s voice mail box, while on a call, right click
on the extension button of the person you wish to transfer the call to, and click on
Voice Mail Xfer. The call will be transferred directly into the person’s mailbox
Voice Call
Voice Call allows a caller to make a voice announcement, beginning a
conversation through the speaker of another Nortel telephone without making it
ring. Right click on the on the Extension Button and click on Voice Call. To
terminate the Voice Call, click on Rls
NOTE: Phone system programming can prevent Voice Call from working at a
specific phone by use of "Voice Call Deny". If Voice Call Deny is set at a
particular extension, that extension will ring
While on a call, right click on the extension button and select Camp-on. The
extension that the call is Camped to will hear intermittent audio beeps coming
from the Nortel phone and the phone display will briefly display the Camped Call.
Call Waiting (via Camp On)
Call Waiting is an exclusive feature found only in Console.NET. It is similar to
the "Camp on" feature, however functionality has been added to allow for the
recipient to interact with the call that is waiting for them.
To activate "Call Waiting", a message must be present in the Console.NET
message field when the "Camp On" option is selected from the right click options.
The message will scroll across the display of the recipient’s telephone and a
beep is sounded through the speaker. The following options are available to the
recipient using soft keys on a two line display phone, or using digits on a single
line display phone;
o Answr- Will retrieve the call waiting and place any current call on hold.
There must be at least two intercom keys available. If the telephone has
only one intercom available, the set will display "Need 1 intercom" and the
answer will not take place. In This case, the current call must be parked
or disconnected to get the call waiting
o VMail- Sends the Call Waiting directly to the recipients Voice Mailbox if
o Join- This option is only available if there is an active call at the telephone
that the call is waiting. Join will conference the "Call Waiting" to the
current active call. For Norstar systems, the Join is available for all calls
waiting but will only work if a call is active
NOTE: If no options are selected at the recipients telephone, the Call waiting
will timeout and return to the Console.NET attendant. The call Ringback will
identify the ringing call with the Ringback Message as entered in Global