Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Console.NET Installation & User Guide
Page 28
Note: This setting is not used for access to PRI or Analog line pools
Primary Voice Mail Extension
This extension is determined by pressing "Feature 985" from an idle telephone. This
extension is required in order for Transfer to Voice Mail to function within
Console.NET. If centralized voice mail is used for multiple sites, this value may be the
same for all Systems.
Feature Code
The default Feature Code "990" is used for the optional "Telephone Messaging"
functionality. This feature code is set by the PBX wizard and may be different if a
conflict was detected during the installation. This code should not be changed unless
instructed to do so by ConverTec Support.
Access Codes for PRI Pools
If using Digital Trunking (T1 or PRI), enter the digit required to make an external call in
the Access Codes
Wait Timeout
Determines the time it takes for calls sent to an extension as Call Waiting to ring back
to the attendant if unanswered. The Default timeout is 30 seconds and can be changed
to any time increments of 10 seconds.
Assist DN
Is an extension dedicated to the use of Console.NET for advanced features such as
"Remote Voice Mail Transfer" and "Call Waiting"
Run in Debug Mode
Should only be selected under the supervision of ConverTec support personnel for
diagnostic reasons. This option will reduce Console.NET performance and cause the
Database to increase in size very quickly.
Note: All changes require a computer reboot to take affect
Server / Lines
Console.NET allows line numbers to be named in order to assist in identifying
particular types of calls that are associated to a specific line. Console.NET will display
the name you assigned to the specified line when a call rings at the users telephone.
Name changes do not affect the telephone system programming.
Telephones themselves will not display changes made here