Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Chapter 6: Reports
Page 29
If using Digital lines, these names can only be associated to the PRI or T1
channels, not the target lines
Select Server | Lines from the Configuration Window menu bar
Current Switch Name
When more than one system is configured, you can select the drop down arrow on the
right side of the field to select the appropriate system that you wish to rename the
lines on.
Line Number
This is the physical trunk number on the telephone system that you wish to rename for
identification purposes. Click on the drop down arrow in the right corner of the field
and select the trunk line to be renamed.
Type the new name or number you wish to identify this trunk line with and click on
Note: Changes made to Line Names will take effect upon refreshing
Console.NET main window by pressing (F5) on the Keyboard.
Server / Messages
Messages stored here can quickly be accessed for use in the Console.NET message
entry window. Click on the Blue arrow in the upper left corner of the message entry
window within the Console.NET User Interface. Some default messages are already
present and can be deleted if required.