Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Console.NET Installation & User Guide
Page 64
message. The Feature code is assigned in Console.NET Server Configuration.
The messages are set in Config/ Server/ Message Notifications.
NOTE: Programming the feature code to a telephone button beside an LCD
display offers a convenient and quick method to enable and disable
messages. The associated LCD indicator will blink as a reminder that a
message is active. While active, pressing the feature button will display the
current message and allow cancellation or changing of the message
Since only one message can be displayed at a time for an extension in Console.NET,
new messages will override previous messages. For example, If a Console user has a
message applied to a particular extension indicating they are on lunch and the person
at that telephone applies a new Telephone message, the new message will replace
the one that the Console user had set.
The Navigator button located in the upper right side of the main Console.NET window
is a multi-purpose tool that assists the Attendant to;
Select DN (extension) Groups to view
Speed Dialing – Internal or External by Company and Contact
External Call Transferring
DN (extension) sorting
To View all Extensions
Click on the Navigator button. The cursor will default to the First name field.
Select the Ext radio button
Click on the Monitor button
Groups of extensions that are defined in Configuration may be selected for viewing by
using the Navigator. For new installations a default group named "Primary" is created
from all extensions that are named on the phone system. To select a group;
Click on the Navigator button
Choose whether you want the extensions sorted by name (Default) or by
extension number.
Use the Group pull-down button to select the group you want to monitor
Click on Monitor