Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Console.NET Installation & User Guide
Page 44
Chapter 6: Reports
A Console.NET user or Administrator must be logged in at all times in
order for call data to be gathered and stored in a database which can be
used to generate a number of reports. The call data being tracked is not
restricted to Console.NET users, all active devices on the Norstar or BCM
system are monitored providing invaluable data for report generation
Due to the Database demand required to run reports, it is not
recommended to run reports while Console.NET users are actively using
the software. Reports containing large amounts of data can take several
minutes to complete
To open reports, click on Config from the main Console.NET window and then select
Reports from the menu choices
Select one of the four reports to run
Inbound Calls
Summary by Extensions
Call Duration
Calls by DID/DNIS
Inbound Calls
The Inbound Calls report produces a report based upon all inbound external calls. By
default, all calls will be reported for the current month. Select from the optional filters for
customer Name and or Number as well as specific date ranges.