Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Chapter 6: Reports
Page 31
Note: In order to view any message changes, Console.NET users, must refresh
the main User Interface window, by pressing (F5) on the Keyboard
Server / Notification Messages
Notification messages are used in conjunction with the optional purchase of
Console.NET "Telephone Messaging". Telephone Messaging allows any digital or IP
phone to set a message that will show for any other telephone set calling as well as be
displayed in the Console.NET BLF. Messages are activated using a Feature Code
(Default F990). Messages can be initiated from a telephone on all networked BCM and
Norstar systems provided sufficient PBX server licenses are purchased.
Note: If storage code location numbers are skipped when adding or saving
messages, message numbers displayed at telephones will be out of order
Add, Delete, Save
Clicking on Add new displays the "Adding new message" screen allowing you to
enter a storage location code and type a new message. Duplicate storage codes
are not permitted. Before adding a new code, select the message drop down list
to see what the next available code is.
Clicking on Delete will delete the current message displayed in the message
Click on Save to store a new message created from the Add new button.