Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Chapter 6: Reports
Page 35
Long names will use more space in the main window and may introduce a
scroll bar. For optimal display usage, try to keep the total characters for
First & Last name to ten characters or less
Company Name
Company name can be entered for the extension. This field is not displayed or
utilized by a Console.NET user
This is a mandatory field displaying the extension number of the system
Voice Mail Box
This field is for the mailbox associated to the telephone extension. If the entry is
not used or invalid, transfer to Voice Mail will not for that particular extension
email address of the user (not required, planned for future use)
A password must be created for every extension that intends on using
Console.NET. Licensing controls the number of concurrent users. The password
must be unique and is a case sensitive. The minimum number of characters in a
valid password is 1. Any DN that does not have a password will automatically be
disabled from logging into Console.NET.
Lines to Monitor
By default Console.NET will display all calls that appear and/or ring (both
intercom & external) at this specific extension, which is based upon the
configuration of the user’s telephone. If there are specific lines which do not
appear and/or ring on the specific user’s phone, you can force a line(s) to appear
in the Active Call window of Console.NET allowing the Attendant to see activity
on those lines
User Type
This setting only applies to Console.NET users that have a password assigned.
When a user logs in to use Console.NET they will have limited configuration
access by default (Attendant). By selecting the Administrator radio button, the
selected user will have full access to configuration. The following defines access
Companies and Contacts