Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Console.NET Installation & User Guide
Page 36
Provides the user with full access to all configuration menus. The
rights are the same as logging into Console.NET as the
Administrator using ext 0 and the passwaord 12345
Line Pools
Select the appropriate analog or digital line pool to enable the attendant to dial
external calls. The Norstar or BCM phone must be programmed to have access
to the selected line pool
Security options can be set for any extension that requires specific privacy
settings. Typically these options would be used for the company management
and/or executive employee’s that wish to have greater privacy. Selections
o Hide Dialing Number; when selected, no other Console.NET users can
see what number this specific DN is dialing
o Hide Incoming Number; when selected, no other Console.NET users can
see incoming caller ID name, DID or DNIS information for this specific DN
o Hide Target Line name; when selected, the target line name will not be
displayed on the Console.NET interface for this specific DN
Note: Additional services from your local phone company may be
required to provide Caller ID, DID or DNIS services
Feature Button Settings
Select any of the listed features that the specific Console.NET user would like to
have access to on the Console.NET button bar in the main user window. Ten
buttons may be displayed at one time. Selecting one of the three button tabs will
display all selected buttons. The following feature buttons are displayed by
default: Hold, Call Queuing, Park, Park/Page
Note: Dial and Rls buttons cannot be removed from the user interface
Page Settings
The Default Page button is configured based on a combination of both Page
options and Speaker options and can be configured differently for each user. For
example, if a user only pages the warehouse through the external paging port,
you can configure the Page button to be external page only. Default settings will
page all zones for internal telephone speakers.
Database Integration
This is a very powerful feature, particularly for Business or Executive Centers.
Console.NET comes with a built-in Customer/Contact database allowing you to
display information pertaining to your customer prior to and/or after answering a
call. Both Screen Pop and Call Preview features can be used independently or
together to provide the Console.NET Attendant the most informed and prepared
call handling capabilities