Nortel Networks Business Communications Manager (BCM) & Norstar Installation Telephone User Manual

Chapter 8: Appendices
Page 63
Sticky Messages
A Console.NET user can attach a message to a call to assist in identifying calls that are
placed on Hold or Parked. For example, if a caller has to be placed on Hold, a
message can be attached to the call which helps identify who the caller is waiting for.
The sticky note remains attached to the call until the all is terminated.
While on a call type the appropriate message and click on the Yellow Envelope in
the upper right corner of the message window. The Sticky Message is now
applied to the call and will show when the call is on Hold or Parked in the active
call window.
A Parked Call with a Sticky Message "Sales Inquiry" attached
Message Notification
Message Notification allows a Console.NET Attendant to add a message on the
extension button of a particular user. Along with a message, the colour of the
extension button changes to light blue helping to quickly identify an extension with a
notification message set.
To set a Notification message for a particular extension, click into the Text
Messaging field and either type your own message or use the pull-down list to
select one from the list
Right click on the extension button you want to set a message for
Click on Msg Notification
If Details is enabled, the message will appear on the extension button and the
button will turn light blue. If Details is not enabled, hover your mouse over a blue
extension button to see the Notification message
NOTE: Messages applied by the Console.NET user will be retained on
subsequent logins. Each new message will override any previous message
Telephone Messaging
Telephone Messaging is an optional feature purchase. By entering an assigned
Feature Code from any telephone, one of 99 messages can be selected
representing the status of the employee. For example, if a message indicating "In
a Meeting" was selected, that message would be displayed as a notification for
the appropriate extension in Console.NET. In addition, the message is also
displayed for any telephone on the same system calling the set with the active