Nortel Networks 6300 Telephone User Manual

4-15Remote Annex 6300 Hardware Installation Guide
Chapter 4 Troubleshooting Procedures
UNIX Host on the LAN
When troubleshooting a UNIX host on the LAN, make sure that:
The host is booted and functioning properly.
The host can communicate with other network nodes using
standard UNIX networking features and utilities.
All Remote Annex 6300 software is installed properly on the
host (see theRemote Annex Software Installation Notes ).
Theerpcddaemon or tftp server, which loads the operational
image to the Remote Annex 6300, is running.
In Test mode, both the Remote Annex 6300 and erpcd on the load
server host display boot progress reports. The Remote Annex 6300
displays its reports on the console; erpcd displays its reports on the
UNIX terminal that invokes Test mode.
1 To place erpcd on the load server host into Test mode, kill the erpcd
program (requires superuser privileges) and restart it using the –D
# /etc/erpcd –D5
2 To place the Remote Annex into Test mode, hold down the
button until the Power LED blinks rapidly, then release the
button and press it again within 3 seconds. (This resets the Remote
Annex, so warn users before you do it.) Then enter:
# boot -v
When the Remote Annex 6300 boots in Test mode, the console
displays the load server host’s Internet address, and indicates
whether it receives a response to its Open File Request and to any of
its Read File Requests. The host’s progress report indicates receipt of
any File Server Requests and its responses to such requests.