Nortel Networks 6300 Telephone User Manual

xvRemote Annex 6300 Hardware Installation Guide
This guide describes what a network administrator needs to know
to install a Remote Annex 6300 on a local area network (LAN).
The Remote Annex Software Installation Notes describe how to install
the software. The Annex Administrator’s Guide for UNIX provides
configuration information.
About this Guide
This guide includes the following chapters and appendices:
Chapter 1 Introduction
This chapter contains an overview of the Remote
Annex 6300; it describes the hardware features and
firmware functions.
Chapter 2 Installing the Remote Annex 6300
This chapter describes how to install
the Remote Annex 6300 on a LAN, and how to
confirm its operating status.
Chapter 3 ROM Monitor Commands
This chapter describes the ROM
Monitor commands that modify specific
configuration parameters, perform diagnostic tests,
and load the operational code.
Chapter 4 Troubleshooting Procedures
This chapter provides troubleshooting and
verification procedures.