Nortel Networks 6300 Telephone User Manual

D-7Remote Annex 6300 Hardware Installation Guide
Appendix D Modem Upgrade Instructions
4 Issue the config command to verify the new hardware and
modem configuration.
5 Issue the ports command and enter the number of ports to be tested
as a range at the prompt requesting the port list.
If the ports tests complete successfully, and the config command
indicates that the Remote Annex 6300 sees the new modems, the
installation is complete.
Removing Quad Modem Cards
Occasionally it may be necessary to remove quad modem cards from
the Remote Annex 6300 (for example, if a quad modem card fails and
needs to be replaced). On the modem carrier card, there are eight
locations that can accommodate quad modem cards (up to 32
modems). These locations are numbered (1-4, 5-8, 9-12, and so on).
When the Remote Annex 6300 encounters an empty location, it
assumes that the modem card before the empty location is the last
modem card in the series. Therefore, any empty location resulting
from the removal of a quad modem card wil be interpreted as an
indicator that the last modem card has been reached. Any quad
modem cards installed after the empty location will not be
recognized, unless the DIP switch section corresponding to the
removed modem card is toggled ON.
Table D-1 provides a map of the
quad modem card locations and their corresponding DIP Switch