Nortel Networks 6300 Telephone User Manual

Technical Support and Online Services
Remote Annex 6300 Hardware Installation Guide
Bay Networks Information Services
Bay Networks Information Services provide up-to-date support
information as a first-line resource for network administration,
expansion, and maintenance. This information is available from a
variety of sources.
World Wide Web
The Bay Networks Customer Support Web Server offers a diverse
library of technical documents, software agents, and other important
technical information to Bay Networks customers and partners.
A special benefit for contracted customers and resellers is the ability
to access the Web Server to perform Case Management. This feature
enables your support staff to interact directly with the network
experts in our worldwide Technical Response Centers. A registered
contact with a valid Site ID can:
View a listing of support cases and determine the current
status of any open case. Case history data includes severity
designation, and telephone, e-mail, or other logs associated
with the case.
Customize the listing of cases according to a variety of
criteria, including date, severity, status, and case ID.
Log notes to existing open cases.
Create new cases for rapid, efficient handling of noncritical
network situations.
Communicate directly via e-mail with the specific technical
resources assigned to your case.
The Bay Networks URL is Customer
Service is a menu item on that home page.