Nortel Networks 6300 Telephone User Manual

Remote Annex 6300 Hardware Installation Guide
Chapter 3 ROM Monitor Commands
The console-baud command changes the console port’s baud rate.
Thus, the console port can interface with any modem to which it is
connected. When the baud rate is entered as auto, the Remote Annex
6300 detects the baud rate of the incoming line and adjusts its baud
rate accordingly. This command provides support for remote
troubleshooting. The command syntax is:
The command display looks like this:
This command has no effect on the port’s baud rate after the
Remote Annex 6300 is booted.
monitor:: console-baud
Remote Diagnostic Test Mode
In order to use the remote diagnostic functionality, you
must first connect a modem to the console port of the
Annex. The modem should be configured such that DTR is
forced on, carrier detect and DSR are set normal, and
auto-answer is enabled. Once this is done, contact your
service representative for remote diagnostic maintenance.
To enter “Autobaud Mode”, please type “Auto”. To
“manually” configure the Annex console port, please type
in the desired baud rate. To return to the “monitor::”
prompt strike the “carriage return <CR>” key.
[Baudrate Range: 50–9600 BAUD]
Select Baudrate []: