Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

Basic use of the base station
In-call features on the base station
Connect the line and dial from the base station keypad
Making a call from the base
Press and then
When the phone rings, press to answer the call. Press again to end the call.
Redial (Redial last number called from the base)
Answering/ending a call on the base
To activate/deactivate the Do Not Disturb mode from the base
During an external call, you can access from the base to additional features.
To mute the base microphone when on line
1- Press
The caller can no longer hear you,but you can hear him.
To resume the conversation press again .
Call transfer from the base
During an external call, you can transfer the call to handset from the base station
1- press
2- The caller hears music (if music on hold is activated)
3- All the handsets ring
4- Answer the call on any handset.
The caller is directly transfered to the handset
If no handset answers, after a while the base will ring again, resume the call on the base, by pressing
To record a memo on the base in idle mode
To start recording press , speak close to the base and press again
To record a conversation on the base when on line
To start recording press , press again to stop recording.
The call is recorded on the answer machine for a maximum of 6 mins. It automatically stops if the answer
machine gets full.
Press to activate/deactivate this mode with your own settings.
Use of the base station
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