Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

Using the operator services (Subscription dependent)
This feature allows you to activate or deactivate the operator services.
Codes need to be set up (see page 40).
Contact your network operator for more details.You can usually subscribe to Call forward,operator
Voice mail box etc...
To activate/deactivate call forward
1- Go to Network, validate
2- Scroll to Operator Services, validate
3- Select Call forward, validate
4- Dial (or choose from phonebook) the number to which the calls are to
be forwarded and validate
5- The number is automatically chained to the call forward prefix and the
system dials the number
6- Hang up
From now on your calls will be redirected to the assigned phone number.
The display shows the information.
To stop call forward, deactivate it via the Cancel call forward option.
Example of service : Call forward
Calls can be redirected to another phone number.
Set the code (see page 40 ) and activate it when necessary.
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