Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

Table of contents
Setting the call screening 24
Setting the recording quality 25
Activating the remote control 25
Using the remote control 25
Changing the remote control code 26
Recording a local message (memo) 26
Using the intercom
Making Internal calls/ activating babysit mode 27
Transferring a call from the handset 27
Using conference call 28
Using the phonebook
VIP settings 29
Adding a name 29
Calling from phonebook 29
Viewing the phonebook 30
Using the call log
Viewing the call log 32
Deleting the call log 33
Setting the call log 33
Using the Cheapest Rates Function 34
Using the operator services 35
Using the extra features
Setting the VIP melody 36
Setting the Call cost and duration 36
Setting the alarm clock 36
Setting the Do Not Disturb mode 37
Base station
Setting the ringer type 38
Recording the personal ringer 38
Setting the ringer volume 38
Setting music on hold 38
Registration mode 39
Line settings 39
Setting the service codes 40
GAP standard 41
Conformity,environment & safety 42
Declaration of conformity 42
Table of contents
Philips has marked the battery and packaging with standard symbols designed to promote the recycling and appropriate
disposal of your eventual waste.
A financial contribution has been paid to the associated national recovery & recycling system.
The labelled packaging material is recyclable.
is a trade mark of ETSI registered to the benefit of the implementers of the DECT technology.
Handset Onis 380 Vox 2
Icons on the displays 3
Base station Onis 380 Vox 4
Table of contents 5
Installing the base station 6
Installing and replacing the batteries 6
Battery life and range 6
Basic use of the base station 7
In-call features on the base station 7
Advanced features of answer machine 8
Screen in idle mode 9
Understanding the menu system 9
How to navigate in the menus 9
Calling/answering calls/other principles 10
In-call features 11
Editing systems 12
Sending new SMS 13
Reading the SMS list 14
SMS settings 16
Setting the ringer type 18
Setting the ringer volume 18
Setting the earpiece tone 18
Setting the key & feedback tones 18
Setting the notification beep 19
The babysit mode 19
Registering an additional handset 19
Unregistering a handset 19
Using the Onis 380 Vox handset with several base stations 20
Renaming the handset 20
Changing the language 20
Setting the date and time 20
Setting the display contrast 21
Setting the backlight 21
Using the answer machine
Setting the answer machine ON/OFF 22
Listening to your messages 22
Deleting messages 23
Selecting the answer mode and the outgoing message type 23
Recording your personal outgoing message 23
Setting the number of rings before answering 24
Setting the voice prompts 24
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