Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

Calling/answering a call/other principles
Basic principles
1- to enter carousel 2- to reach the phonebook menu
3- to select the menu, 4- to reach the name
5- Select Call in the options or make the call
Note :You can also press to directly reach the phonebook
1- Dial from keypad
To correct a digit use
2- Make the call
Talk to the other party
3- Hang up
Direct dialling
1- Connect the line
2- Dial from the keypad
Talk to the other party
3- Hang up
Making a call from the handset
You can chain dial 2 numbers. (One predialled and the other from the
phonebook or the call log, or both from the phonebook)
1- Predial the number (for example operator prefix)
2- Use or to open the call log or the phonebook
3- Scroll through the list
4- Select an entry and validate
You can move the cursor , erase or change a digit with
5- Connect the line
You can redial a number through the call log list. Press and select from
the list.
Press to enter the options and select call or directly press .
When the phone rings, press to answer the call.
To stop the handset from ringing without answering, press to select
To chain dial (predial mode)
Calling from the call log (Redial or call back last caller)
Answering/ending a call
Calling from phonebook
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