Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

Answer machine features
Press to retrieve the messages or to pause while listening
Press to go back to the beginning of the message
Keep pressing to fast forward a message.
The message is played fast but is very audible.
Press to go to next message.
Press to stop listening to the message.
To switch the Telephone Answer Machine (TAM) ON/OFF from the base
From the base station press to activate the answer machine.
Once activated the display on the base is lit.
With that key you can activate the answer machine even when the phone is ringing.
When the answer machine is ON, press to listen to the current outgoing message.
To deactivate it press .The display switches off.
To delete messages from the base
A short press on the key deletes the message while played.
A long press deletes all the messages (except unread ones).
The number of messages blinks fast on the base display when the answer machine is full.
To listen to your messages from the base
Call screening call by call on the base
Call screening is activated by default, you can permanently deactivate it (see page 24).
Press / to increase/decrease the base loudspeaker volume or even activate/mute the
loudspeaker on a call by call basis.
If you are subscribed to this service, a beep informs you of a second incoming call.
To answer the second call press then (according to your network, the code may be different).
Please contact your operator for more details.
Call waiting
Answer machine advanced feature
To increase/decrease the base loudspeaker volume during a call
Press / on the base station as many times as necessary.
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