Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

GAP standard
Using GAP standard compliance
The GAP standard guarantees that all DECT
GAP handsets and base stations comply with a minimum
operating standard irrespective of their make.Your Onis 380 Vox handset and base station are GAP
compliant, which means the minimum guaranteed functions are : register a handset, take the line, receive a
call and dial.The advanced features may not be available if you decide to use a handset other than the
Onis 380 Vox with your base station.
To register and use your Onis 380 Vox handset with a GAP standard base station of a different make, first
follow the procedure described in the manufacturers instructions, then follow the procedure page 19.
To register a handset from another make to the Onis 380 base station, put the base station into
registration mode (page 39), then follow the procedure in the manufacturers instructions.
Register a DECT
peripheral without keypad
peripherals, such as repeaters, do not have a keypad.A special menu-operated procedure is
used to register such peripherals with the base station without the need to disconnect the base station.
See page 19 or 39 to put the base station in registration mode, enter the code that comes with the
peripheral and validate. Use the peripheral instructions to register it to the base station.
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