Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

In-call features
In-call features
During an external call you can access additional features available in the in-call options.
Press to enter the options.
To switch the loudspeaker ON/OFF
Press to activate/deactivate the louspeaker on the handset.
A long press activates the base loudspeaker.
Intercom (if there are several Onis 380 Vox handsets)
During a call, you can put a call on hold, transfer an external call or share
the conversation on conference call : 1 external call + 2 internal callers (See
page 27, 28)
To record a conversation
1- While on line Press
2- Scroll to Record and validate
The call is recorded on the answer machine for a maximum of 6 minutes.To
continue recording resume from step 1 above.
To listen to the conversation go to the Call log menu or the messages list ( ).
Warning : Record a conversation may be illegal.We advise you to inform the
person your are calling.
To mute the handset microphone
1- Press
2- Scroll to Mute and validate
The caller can no longer hear you.
To resume the conversation press again to Unmute.
To increase/decrease the handset earpiece or loudspeaker volume
during a call
Scroll the pilot key up or down on the side of the handset.
Or use on the base station.
During an internal call, other in-call features are available, such as Switch and End intercom.
If you are subscribed to this service, a beep in the earpiece informs you of a
second incoming call.The name or the number of the second caller may be
displayed on the screen if you are also subscribed to the Caller Line
Identification service.
To answer the second call press then (according to your network,
the code may be different). Please contact your operator for more details.
CLI/Call waiting
Call screening call by call on the handset.
While the caller is leaving a message, press to listen and press again
to stop listening.
Adjust the volume with .
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