Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

Answer machine
Using the answer machine
Setting the answer machine
Set the answer machine to allow callers to leave messages.
You can access the answer machine either from the base station or the handset.
By default the answer machine is activated. It can store up to 30 messages within the maximum recording
time of 60 mins.A message can be up to 3 mins long.
To switch the Telephone Answer Machine (TAM) ON/OFF
From the handset
1- Go to Answer machine, validate
2- Scroll to TAM Settings, validate
3- Select ON/OFF
From the base station press or to activate/deactivate the answer
machine (See page 8)
Answer machine
Saved messages
Record memo
Out going message
TAM Settings
Listening to your messages
You can listen to new or saved messages via the handset or the base station.
To listen to the new message(s) via the handset
The display shows there is 1 new message (1 )
1- Press to View
2- The message is automatically played
Note : If you have subscribed to the Caller Display service (CLI), the display
shows the name or number of the caller and its VIP group if activated
(see page 30).
To listen to saved messages via the handset
1- Go to Answer machine, validate
2- Select Saved messages, validate
3- Select the message to listen, validate
4- Choose Play in the options and validate
Note : you can listen to message(s) via the Call log. A long press on
accesses the messages list, the entry is marked (see page 32).
To listen to new /saved message(s) via the base station Press .
Navigation reminder :
(Go to) (Validate)
(Scroll to) (Select)
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