Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

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Text messaging in the UK see overleaf
SMS and Caller Display disclaimer :The Short Message Service and Caller Display features of the Onis
300 telephone terminal are network operator dependent.The terminal can provide them only if the network
offers such features, and if the user has subscribed to these features.The Onis 300 has been carefully
developed and tested according to the latest version of the SMS and CLI standards, and is up to date at the
time of product release (March 2003). However, Philips cannot take any responsability and guarantee the
interoperability with the operator network in case of standard modification, network modification and/or of
incomplete or inaccurate implementation of the standard by the network.
You must first subscribe to your network providers Caller Display service.
Example : call EIRCOM free 1901.
Registration to SMS service is done by sending your first SMS.
The network SMS centre numbers are automatically set in your Onis 300 :
Send SMS service number (Outgoing number) : 1740 9900
Receive SMS service number (Incoming number) : 0818 365 135
Contact your network provider for more information.
WARNING ! Change the SMS centre in your Onis 300 :
Go to SMS menu and select SMS Settings sub menu.
Select the SMS Centre sub menu and choose SMS Centre 3.
Please refer to the Onis 300 user manual page 11.
SMS and Caller Display subscription
: The way to subscribe to and to connect to the Short Message
Service (SMS) as well as the SMS function may be operator dependent, and may vary in time. Please contact
your network operator for more information.The following information is believed to be exact at the time
of writing. It is provided for guidance only, and does not guarantees accuracy over time.
There is a charge for sending SMS text messages (Contact your network provider for more information).
REMINDER ! If there are two SMS- enabled phones on your telephone line, you will have to deactivate the SMS feature on
one of the devices.
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