Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

Call all p.27
Handset list p.27
Ringer type p.18
Ringer volume p.18
Earpiece tone p.18
Key & feedback tones p.18
Notification beep p.19
Babysit mode p.19
Register handset p.19
Un-register handset p.19
Base selection p.20
Rename handset p.20
Change Language* p.20
Date & time p.20
Display contrast p.21
Backlight p.21
Answer machine
Saved messages
Listening to messages p.22
Deleting messages p.23
Record memo p.26
Outgoing messages
Answer mode p.23
Record messages p.23
TAM settings
Mode ON/OFF p.22
Rings before answer p.24
Voice prompts p.24
Call screening p.24
Recording quality p.25
Remote control p.25
Base station
Ringer type p.38
Record personal ringer p.38
Ringer volume p.38
Music on hold p.38
Registration p.39
Line settings
Dial mode* p.39
Network p.39
Recall type* p.39
Operator type* p.40
First ring p.40
Service codes settings p.40
View p.30
Add new p.29
Cheapest rates Fct p.32
Operator Services p.33
Send new SMS p.13
Read SMS p.14
SMS settings
SMS mode p.16
SMS boxes p.16
SMS center p.16
Validity period p.17
Menu overview
By using the pilot key on the side of the handset you can scroll through the menus
Call log
View p.32
Delete all p.33
Call log settings
Incoming calls p.33
outgoing calls p.33
VIP melody function p.36
Call cost & duration*
View total p.36
Unit cost p.36
Alarm clock
Activation p.36
Settings p.37
Do Not Disturb mode p.37
* Country dependent
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