Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

Renaming the handset
To rename a handset
1- Go to Handset, validate
2- Scroll to Rename handset, validate
3- Change the name and validate
Changing the language
To change the language
1- Go to Handset, validate
2- Scroll to Language, validate
3- Select the language and validate
Warning : Changing the language will not change the voice prompts of the
answer machine.
Using the Onis 380 Vox handset with several base stations (Philips or
Each Onis 380 Vox handset can be used with up to 4 base stations.To use a handset with another base
station, the handset must first be registered to that base station (see page 19).
When you want to call through that base station
1- Go to Handset, validate
2- Scroll to Registration, validate
3- Scroll to Base selection. validate
Choose the base from the list and validate.
Warning :The handset will automatically operate with the last base station to
which it was registered. If the handset is out of range, it will automatically search
for another base station from the list.
Setting the date and time
This feature sets the system to the right date & time.
It is also used to date the messages and all events in the call log.
To set the date
1- Go to Handset, validate
2- Scroll to Date & time, validate
3- Choose Set date, validate
4-Enter the current date and validate
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