Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

Understanding the menu system
To access the carousel menu from idle mode press on the side of the
The carousel represents a loop of icons that gives access to the different
first level menus. Scroll up or down to reach the desired menu. Press
to validate.
The sub menus are listed and represented by little squares at the bottom
of the display.To reach one particular sub menu use the pilot key and
press to validate your choice.
A tick shows the selected sub-menu or option.The shows the option
you are browsing.
Note : Certain menus are also directly accessible via a dedicated key on the
keypad (example Phonebook , Call log ).
The screen in idle mode
In idle mode, the Onis 380 Vox display shows different information :
In normal idle mode the display shows the date & time, the name of the
handset and the instruction for using the menu.
Example of navigation in the menus
To reach the ringer type menu
to select
to select
to select
to select
Press to see
the list of
melodies &
up or
Do Not Disturb mode and the alarm clock if activated, are also
displayed on the idle screen.
To modify these settings use & on the keypad.
Missed call , new SMS or new messages (answer machine) or
(voice mailbox), if any, are displayed in idle mode. Press the pilot
keyon the side of the handset to reach the corresponding menu.
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