Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

You must first subscribe to your network providers Caller Display service.
Registration to the SMS service is done by sending your first SMS.
Doing so, you agree with Bizzyline terms and conditions (Call 0906 3020069 (50p/min)).
Bizzyline e-mail contact :
The current network SMS centre (Bizzyline Ltd) numbers set in your Onis 300 are:
Send SMS service number (Outgoing number) : 1470 0911 023 5029
Receive SMS service number (Incoming number): 0161 274 599
Contact Bizzyline for more information.
The SMS service is provided by Bizzyline through your network provider. Bizzyline provides the service and your network provides
the infrastructure.
There is a charge for sending SMS text messages (Contact Bizzyline for more information).
SMS and Caller Display disclaimer :The Short Message Service and Caller Display features of the Onis 300 telephone terminal are network operator depen-
dent. The terminal can provide them only if the network offers such features,and if the user has subscribed to these features.The Onis 300 has been carefully
developed and tested according to the latest version of the SMS and CLI standards,and is up to date at the time of product release (March 2003). However,Philips
cannot take any responsability and guarantee the interoperability with the operator network in case of standard modification, network modification and/or of
incomplete or inaccurate implementation of the standard by the network.
SENDING SMS FROM A FIXED LINE TO A FIXED LINE : follow instructions in the user guide.
SENDING SMS FROM A FIXED LINE TO A MOBILE : follow instructions in the user guide.
Warning : When sending an SMS to a mobile phone, do not enter any destination box as your SMS will not be delivered.
Please note that your phone number appears at the end of the text message between two #.
If you have used 160 characters in the text your number will overwrite the last letters of the message.
Using the REPLY option on the mobile, the user has to insert at the end of the text the fixed line telephone number between
two #.
Example : when replying to 0212 123456, the user must insert #0212123456# at the end of the message.
Using the SEND option : send the SMS through the dedicated server (Big Mobile) : 07786201010, which will redirect the SMS
to the receiver.The user has to insert at the end of the text the fixed line telephone number between two #.
Example :When sending an SMS to telephone number 0213456789, you need to send it to the server 07786201010 and insert at
the end of the text the receivers number #0212123789#.
We advise you to inform those people wanting to send SMS from mobiles to your Onis 300 of these requirements.
In order to receive an SMS in a specific SMS box, you must have previously sent at least one SMS from this box.
SMS and Caller Display subscription : The way to subscribe to and to connect to the Short Message Service (SMS) as well as the SMS function may be
operator dependent, and may vary in time.Please contact Bizzyline for more information.The following information is believed to be exact at the time of writing.
It is provided for guidance only, and does not guarantee accuracy over time.
REMINDER ! If there are two SMS- enabled phones on your telephone line, you will have to deactivate the SMS feature on
one of the devices.
By default, your Onis 300 is set with the SMS centre 1 (bizzyline).
If you change this setting, the SMS service may not work.
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