Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

Installing the phone
Installing the base station
To properly install the base station, plug the line cord and the
power cable into the base station. Plug the cord and the cable
into the wall socket.The green indicator on the base station
indicates that the phone is properly installed.
Warning ! The electrical network is classified as dangerous
according to criteria in the standard EN 60-950.The only way
to power down this product is to unplug the power supply
from the electrical outlet. Ensure the electrical outlet is located
close to the apparatus and is always easily accessible.
Warning :Always use the cables provided with the product.
Installing and replacing the batteries
To insert the batteries, open the battery cover, place the
batteries as indicated and put the battery cover back.When the
handset is placed on the base, the 3 battery bars scroll (if
charge is needed).Allow the handset to charge for 24 hours to
reach full charge. On first use it may be necessary to wait for a
few minutes before seeing symbols on the display.
In case you need to change the batteries, the following type is
mandatory R03/AAA NiMh 600/650 mAh.
Warning : It is advisable to plug the base station into the mains
when charging. Always use rechargeable batteries.
Battery life and range
The battery life is about 250 hours in stand by time (when the handset is in idle mode & ready to receive
a call) and around 16 hours in communication. A low battery alert will inform you that the handset has
to be charged, if this is during a call, the call will end shortly after the alert.
Optimal battery life is reached after 3 cycles of full charge/discharge.
Under ideal conditions the range is a maximum of 50 meters indoors and 350 meters outdoors.When
reaching the range limit, the conversation will become crackly, move closer to the base station otherwise
the call will be cut off.To reach optimal range place the base station away from electrical appliances.
Do not insert anything in this opening
Batteries should not be disposed of with general household waste.
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