Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

Answer machine
Selecting the answer mode and the outgoing message type
You can select among 2 answer modes :Answer only (when no messages can be left), and Answer &
Record (when messages can be left). For each mode, 2 outgoing message types are available : Predefined
or Personnal message. By default the answer machine is set to Predefined Answer & Record mode.
To select the answer mode
1- Go to Answer machine, validate
2- Scroll to Outgoing messages, validate
3- Select Answ. machine mode, validate
4- Choose the appropriate mode (among the 4 options above) and validate
Note : A predefined message cannot be deleted.
To delete messages
Once you have listened to the message you can delete it.
1- Go to Answer machine, validate
2- Select Saved messages, validate
3- Select the message to delete, validate
4- Scroll to Delete, validate
Warning : If Answerphone full message appears on the handset display, there
is no more space for messages. Delete messages so that new ones can be left.
Deleting messages
To record an outgoing message
1- Go to Answer machine, validate
2- Scroll to Outgoing messages, validate
3 -Scroll to Record Outgg mssg, validate
4- Select a group (standard or 1 of the 3 VIP groups), validate
5- Select Record new, validate
6- Press to start recording
To stop recording press again
The message is automatically played back.You can delete and/or record it
again.The personal message can be up to 3 mins long.
Note : Select a standard outgoing message (OGM) if you have no Caller
Display (CLI) subscription.
Recording your personal outgoing message (OGM)
You can record 5 different personal OGM :
- a specific personal OGM for Answer & Record mode for each of the VIP phonebooks (Familly, Friends,
- the standard OGM for Answer & Record mode for non VIP callers, and
- the standard OGM for Answer only mode for all callers.
It is possible to record specific messages for VIP groups only if you subscribe to the Caller Display service
(CLI) and if you have set the VIP groups in the phonebook (See page 30).
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