Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

SMS (Text messages)
Send new SMS
Read SMS
SMS settings
SMS stands for Short Message Service. SMS are short text messages sent/received via the network.
To benefit from this service you must subscribe to the Caller Display service (CLI) from your network
SMS can be exchanged with a phone (mobile or compatble fixed lines), a fax or an E-mail (country
dependent), if the receiver has also subscribed to the CLI & SMS services.
The Onis 380 Vox factory settings correspond to the main national operator. If you wish to
send or receive SMS through another operator you must set the corresponding numbers
(see page 16).
You have the possibility of opening 10 SMS boxes (country dependent) one shared & 9 private to
increase confidentiality.
A password can protect your SMS box,but it is not compulsory.
To send an SMS to the receivers own SMS box,you must know his destination box (if needed).
The delivery report may be charged. It is deactivated by default, activate it when you send an SMS.
Sending new SMS
To send an SMS to a phone
1- Go to SMS, validate
2- Select Send new SMS, validate
3- Choose your SMS box & enter the password (if you have created several
SMS boxes), validate
4- Select Send SMS to a Phone, validate
5- Dial the number (you can use the call log or the phonebook)
6- Enter the destination box (if prompted to), validate
7- Input the text (See page 12)
8- Scroll to Delivery report to activate it if necessary,validate
9- Select Send Now, validate
Navigation reminder :
(Go to) (Validate)
(Scroll to) (Select)
The outgoing SMS can be up to a maximum of 160 characters long (E-mail address included).
The special character ¤ counts for 2.
Onis 380 Vox can store up to 100 SMS (depending on the length of the SMS) for the 10 SMS boxes.
NB :The Delivery report option is country dependent
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