Philips 380 Vox Telephone User Manual

Editing systems
Editing systems
Onis 380 Vox uses two editing systems : Multi-tap and Eatoni. Make a long press on to switch
between both systems. Below both systems are compared to write Peter.
The Eatoni system is a new predictive editing system designed to help you write a text.
A small E in the header helps you know the mode you are using.
Eatoni is a word editor that chooses the most probable character.
The operation of the Eatoni system is the following :
Press the key that displays the character you want to edit.The character that is the most likely to be
correct is displayed on the screen.If it does not match the expected character, press to display the
next most probable character available on the key.
Using capital letters
By default, the first letter of a sentence is in upper case. Use to change the case mode : all characters
in upper case (AB) or all letters in lower case (ab).
Punctuation and mathematical symbols are available through while other special characters are
available through . Scroll to move the cursor left or right. Press to delete a character ; a long
press deletes the whole text.
To write Peter with Multi-tap system
Press once : P
Press twice : Pe
Press once : Pet
Press twice : Pete
Press three times : Peter
To write Peter
with Eatoni
Press to validate the name
The standard multi-tap system allows you to enter the text character by character, pressing the
corresponding key as many times as necessary to reach the desired character.
Multi-tap Sequence
[space] 1 @ _ # = < > ( ) & ¤ £ $ ¥
a b c 2 à ä ç å æ
d e f 3 è é ) N
g h i 4 ì G
j k l 5 7
m n o 6 ñ ò ö
p q r s 7 ß A 2 E
t u v 8 ù ü
w x y z 9 f S X Q
. 0 , / : ; " ' ! ¡ ? ¿ * + - %
Keypad Keys
to activate Eatoni
Press to
change character
Eatoni® & LetterWise are trademarks of Eatoni® Ergonomics,Inc.,
and used by Philips under license.
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