AT&T CL83201 Cordless Telephone User Manual

If you have difficulty with your phone please try the suggestions below. For
Customer Service, visit our website at or call
1 (800) 222-3111. In Canada, dial 1 (866) 288-4268.
My telephone doesn’t work at all.
Make sure the power cord is securely plugged in.
Make sure you plug the battery connector securely into the cordless handset.
Make sure you plug the telephone line cord securely and firmly into the
telephone base and the telephone wall jack.
Charge the battery in the cordless handset for at least 10 hours. For
optimum daily performance, return the cordless handset to the telephone
base or charger when not in use.
If the battery is depleted, it may take approximately 30 minutes to charge
the handset before it shows Low battery. See page 7 for details.
Reset the telephone base. Unplug the electrical power. Wait for
approximately 15 seconds, then plug it back in. Allow up to one minute for
the cordless handset and telephone base to reset.
You may need to purchase a new battery. Please refer to
Battery installation and charging in this user’s manual on pages 7-8.
I cannot get a dial tone.
Try all the suggestions above.
Move the cordless handset closer to the telephone base. You may have
moved out of range.
If the previous suggestions do not work, disconnect the telephone base
from the telephone jack and connect to a different phone. If there is no
dial tone on that phone either, the problem is in your wiring or telephone
service. Contact your telephone service provider.
Your line cord may be defective. Try installing a new line cord.
I cannot dial out.
Try all the suggestions above.
Make sure you have a dial tone before dialing. The cordless handset may
take a second or two to find the telephone base and produce a dial tone.
This is normal. Wait an extra second before dialing.
Eliminate any background noise. Noise from a television, radio or other
appliances may cause the phone to not dial out properly. If you cannot
eliminate the background noise, first try muting the cordless handset
before dialing, or dialing from another room with less background noise.
If other phones in your home are having the same problem, contact your
telephone service provider (charges may apply).