AT&T CL83201 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Difficulty hearing messages.
Press VOLUME/p to increase the telephone base speaker volume.
Press pDIR/VOLUME to adjust the message playback volume on
a handset.
System does not answer after the correct number of rings.
• Make sure that the answering system is on. ANS ON should show on
the handset and the /ANSWER ON light on the telephone base should
be on.
• If toll saver is activated, the number of rings changes to two when you
have new messages stored (pages 71).
• If the memory is full or the system is off, the system will answer after
10 rings.
In some cases, the answering system is affected by the ringing system
used by your telephone service provider.
If you subscribe to voicemail service, change the number of rings so
that your answering system answers before your voicemail answers
(pages 71). To determine how many rings activate your voicemail, contact
your telephone service provider.
If there is a fax machine connected to the same telephone line, try
disconnecting the fax machine. If that solves the problem, consult your
fax machine documentation for information on compatibility with
answering systems.
System does not respond to remote commands.
• Make sure to enter your remote access code correctly (page 72).
• Make sure you are calling from a touch-tone phone. When you dial a
number, you should hear tones. If you hear clicks, the phone is not a
touch-tone telephone and cannot activate the answering system.
• The answering system may not detect the remote access code while your
announcement is playing. Try waiting until the announcement is over
before entering the code.
• There may be interference on the phone line you are using. Press dialing
keys firmly.