AT&T CL83201 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Getting started
Quick reference guide - handset
Main menu
Play messages (page 78)
Answering sys (page 66)
Directory (page 49)
Caller ID log (page 59)
Intercom (page 39)
Ringers (page 12)
Set date/time (page 13)
Settings (page 14)
Website (page 18)
Using menus:
Press MENU/SELECT to show the menu.
Press qCID or pDIR to scroll through menu items.
Press MENU/SELECT to confirm or save changes to a highlighted menu item.
Press OFF/CANCEL to cancel an operation, back up to the previous
menu, or exit the menu display.
Press to initiate a one-to-one (page 43) or
one-to-group broadcast (page 45).
Press and hold to broadcast to a group of
system devices (page 45).
The > symbol highlights
a menu item.
>Play messages
Answering sys
Main menu