AT&T CL83201 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Display screen messages
Screen messages
Number already
The telephone number you have entered is already in the
Not available
at this time
Someone else is already using the directory or caller ID history.
Out of range OR
No pwr at base
The telephone base has lost power, or the handset is out
of range.
** Paging **
The cordless handset is paged by the telephone base.
Paging all
The telephone base is paging all cordless handsets.
The handset is on a call.
Place in charger
The battery is very low. The handset should be charged.
Put HS on BASE to
Screen display before handset registration.
Rec mem full
The system recording time is full.
Rec mem low
The system recording time is low.
Please wait
The handset is registering to the telephone base.
Registration failed
The handset registration is not successful.
Ringer off
The ringer is turned off.
Ringer muted
The ringer is off temporarily while the device is ringing.
An entry has been successfully saved in the directory.
The handset or telephone base speakerphone is in use.
You have started transferring a call, and need to enter the
desired device number or choose all devices.
Unable to call.
Line in use
Failed phone call (the telephone line is in use).
Unable to call.
Try again
You try to join a call when there are already four handsets on
that call.
You try to make an outside call when another device is
transferring a call with the intercom feature.
XX Missed calls
There are new calls in the caller ID history.
XX New messages
There are new messages in the answering system.