AT&T CL83201 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Answering system
Message playback
If you have new messages, you hear only the new messages in chronological
order. If there are no new messages, the system plays back all the messages
(in chronological order).
When playback begins, the total number of messages is announced. Before
each message, you hear the day and time of the recording. If the date and
time are not set, you hear, “Time and date not set,” before playback. After
the last message, you hear, “End of messages.” If the recording time is less
than three minutes, you hear, “Less than three minutes to record” before
playback (see Message capacity on page 76).
To listen to messages at the telephone base:
Press /PLAY/STOP on the telephone base to
listen to the messages. The system announces the
number of messages, then begins playback. Press
/PLAY/STOP again to end the message playback.
1. When the telephone base is in idle mode, press
MENU/SELECT to enter the main menu.
2. Press MENU/SELECT again to select >Play messages.
If there are new and old messages, press qCID or
pDIR to select >Play new msgs or >Play old msgs,
then press MENU/SELECT.
If there are only new messages, they will play
The system announces the number of messages, then
begins playback. The message sequence is shown on
the telephone base. If there are no recorded messages,
the telephone base shows No message and you hear,
“You have no message.”
>Play messages
Answering sys
>Play new msgs
Play old msgs
3 New messages
Charlie Johnson
NEW MSG #1/3