AT&T CL83201 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Multiple handset use
Use the intercom feature for conversations between two handsets, or a
handset and the telephone base. You can buy additional expansion handsets
(model AT&T CL80111) for this telephone base to expand your telephone
system (up to 12 handsets).
Using a cordless handset:
1. Press MENU/SELECT in idle mode to enter the main menu.
Press qCID or pDIR to scroll to >Intercom, then press
If you have one handset, the handset shows
Calling BASE 0.
If you have more than one handset, the handset shows
INTERCOM TO: Use the dialing keys to eenter a specific
device number (0 for the telephone base, 1-9 for
handsets 1-9, TONE and 0 for handset 10, TONE and
1 for handset 11, TONE and 2 for handset 12, or
TONE and
for all devices), or press qCID or pDIR to
scroll to the desired device and press MENU/SELECT.
Your handset screen shows Calling HANDSET X,
Calling BASE 0 or Calling all devices.
The destination device(s) rings and shows HANDSET X is calling or
HANDSET X is calling all (HANDSET represents the handset name, X
represents the handset number).
2. To answer the intercom call, press PHONE/FLASH, /SPEA�ERSPEA�ER or any
dialing key (0-9, TONE or
) on the called device. Both devices now
show Intercom.
3. To end the intercom call, one party presses OFF/CANCEL, or place the
handset back in the telephone base or charger; or presses CANCEL on the
telephone base. The other party hears four beeps. Both devices display The other party hears four beeps. Both devices display
Intercom ended.
is calling
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