AT&T CL83201 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Answering system
About the answering system
Message capacity
The answering system can record up to 99 messages, depending on the
length of each message. Individual messages can be up to three minutes,
and the maximum recording time is approximately 14 minutes. The actual
recording time depends on individual message characteristics. Messages
remain available for replay until you delete them.
When there are new messages (including memos) on the answering system,
the number of messages stored shows in the message counter.
If the answering system has less than three minutes of recording time
left, it announces, “Less than three minutes to record,” before message
playback at the handset or the telephone base. Rec mem low displays on
the device screen in idle mode. When you turn on the answering system at
the telephone base, it announces, “Calls will be answered. Less than three
minutes to record.”
If the memory is full, the answering system announces, “Memory is full,”
before message playback. The device screen displays Rec mem full in idle
mode. You cannot turn on the answering system and record new messages
until old ones have been deleted. Memory full displays if you want to turn
on the answering system on the handset but there is no memory.
Voice prompts
The system provides voice prompts to guide you through the setup procedures
at the telephone base, message playback, remote access and recording
outgoing announcements.
Call screening
To screen a call at the telephone base:
If the answering system and call screening are on (see Call screening on
page 70), the announcement and the incoming message broadcast at the
telephone base when a call is answered by the answering system.
Options while a message is being recorded:
Press q/VOLUME/p on the telephone base to adjust the call screening
Press /PLAY/STOP or CANCEL to temporarily silence the call
Press /PLAY/STOP to temporarily turn on the call screening if call
screening is set to off.
Press /SPEA�ERSPEA�ER to answer the call.