AT&T CL83201 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Multiple handset use
Push-to-talk (PTT)
Using the telephone base:
1. There are a few ways to begin a PTT call to a single
handset. When the telephone base is not in use:
If you have one handset, press and hold PTT.
If you have more than one handset:
w Press PTT. Then use the dialing keys to enter the
destination handset number.
w Press qCID or pDIR to highlight the destination
handset number. Then press MENU/SELECT or PTT.
The telephone base shows Connecting to HANDSET X...
(HANDSET represents the handset name, X represents
the destination handset number)
for a few seconds. When
the connection is made, both the telephone base and
destination handset display Press and hold [PTT] to talk.
2. Press and hold PTT. A chirp indicates your microphone
is on.
Speak towards the telephone base. Your voice is broadcast to the
destination handset.
While you are speaking, the telephone base shows PTT To handset: X.
3. Release PTT after speaking. Both devices beep once again and the screens
show Press and hold [PTT] to talk. Then you can press and hold PTT to
continue speaking or the destination device can respond (see
Answer a PTT call on page 46).
4. To end the PTT call, press CANCEL. The telephone base shows
Push to talk Ended for a few seconds.
handset: X
>Handset X
Connecting to
Handset X...
Press and hold
[PTT] to talk