AT&T CL83201 Cordless Telephone User Manual

Telephone settings
Handset settings
Voicemail (visual message waiting) indicator
If you subscribe to a voicemail service offered by your telephone service
provider, this feature provides a visual indication when you
have new voicemail messages.
New voicemail and the icon appear on the handset screen.
This feature does not indicate new messages recorded on your phone’s built-in answering system.
For more information about the difference between your answering system and voicemail,
see page 75.
Clear voicemail indication
Use this feature when the telephone indicates there is new voicemail but
there is none. For example, when you have accessed your
voicemail while away from home. This feature only turns off
the displayed New voicemail and the icon;
it does not delete your voicemail messages. As long as you
have new voicemail messages, your telephone service
provider continues to send the signal to turn on the indicators.
To manually turn off the new voicemail indicators:
1. Press MENU/SELECT when in idle mode to enter the
main menu.
2. Use qCID or pDIR to scroll to >Settings, then press MENU/SELECT.
3. Use qCID or pDIR to scroll to >Clr voicemail, then press MENU/SELECT.
The screen shows Turn off indicator?
4. Press MENU/SELECT again to turn the voicemail indication off. There is a
confirmation tone and the screen returns to the previous menu.
Your telephone service provider voicemail may alert you to new messages with a stutter
(broken) dial tone. Contact your telephone service provider for more details.
For information about using your voicemail service, contact your telephone service provider.
New voicemail
Turn off
Clr voicemail
Rename handset